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Message From CEO

Timmi Kilgore

Kilgore Enterprises LLC develops organizations because we realize it is a critical factor to organizational success. A well running profitable organization should lack disfunction. This is no small achievement.

Studies show that 75 to 80 percent of leaderships paid time is spent on issues that have nothing to do with the business. Investing the time and money  to operate affectively will prevent loss in productivity and profits later.

Top 5 Reasons For Organizational Failure
• Lack of communication
• Differing agendas
• Poor customer service relations
• Lack of insensitivity/empathy
• Poor leadership

Kilgore enterprises will create presentations that will train your staff, give insight, understanding, and inclusion that stakeholders need to be invested and loyal to your organizational needs and outcomes. End results have played a monumental part in organizational improvement, growth, productivity, forecast, and outcome. Addressing sensitive issues that impact business practices are vital to organizational success.